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Healthy Schools, Living, Learning & Wellbeing

Latest Updates

Updated: 16/03/2015

New premium document added: Hounslow’s Primary PSHE & Wellbeing Curriculum Framework 2014-15 (pdf and Word versions)

Updated: 14/01/2015

Document added: Mental health and behaviour in schools

Updated: 21/05/2014

New documents added

Continuing our very successful Healthy Schools (HS) programme in Hounslow as well as working in partnership with other organisations, this service is fully aligned to the health and wellbeing agenda for children and young people and fully supports the new OfSTED framework.

Through prioritising the health and wellbeing of all children, this service supports schools in focusing on closing the gap of the most vulnerable, in order to raise their educational achievement and attainment.

Service Features
  • Continuous HS development including the local enhanced HS accreditation and new HS London award
  • Advice, support, training, INSET and continuing professional development (CPD) in areas related to health and wellbeing including:
  • PSHE, PSED, SRE, drugs education and emotional health & wellbeing
  • Anti-bullying reviews to meet the OfSTED framework (Behaviour, Safeguarding and being safe from bullying)
  • Student voice & Citizenship as well as healthy lifestyles and food in schools
  • Spiritual moral, social & cultural development (SMSC)
  • Quality teaching and learning, subject reviews (e.g. Citizenship, PSHE, SRE & humanities), lesson observations, monitoring, assessment & evaluation
  • Policy development e.g. SRE, anti-bullying, drugs education, food
  • Curriculum development and coursework moderation
  • Broker support as required, working closely with key partners and agencies

Contact Details

Lee Souter
Telephone: 020 8583 2870