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Extreme Dialogue Training

Monday, October 10, 2016 - 17:15
Najeeb Ahmed
For attention of: 
All LBH Schools

Please find details below regarding an offer of training for teachers we have to offer as detailed in the email flyer below.  Bearing in mind recent arrests in Hounslow, the offer is to be combined with additional training pertaining to challenging extremism in all its forms.  You will note that the training has been arranged for the 21 October 2016 and we will confirm the venue by the end of the week. 

We will need a minimum of 17 teachers to sign up and the training will last a full day.

Please note that we have worked with the Institute for Strategic Dialogue for some years now and they have been leading on a similar package at Cranford Community College.  This offer however, highlights pathways to extremism which are much closer to home and would go some way in ensuring local schools and colleges are compliant with the CTS Act 2015.


Extreme Dialogue is a unique set of short films and education resources, featuring the personal stories of Canadians and Europeans impacted by violent extremism, that aims to help young people develop essential critical thinking skills in the face of the threat from violent extremist propaganda and recruitment.

The UK films tell the personal stories of two Britons profoundly affected by violent extremism; Adam Deen, a former member of the now-banned Islamist extremist organisation, al-Muhajiroun, and Billy McCurrie, whose father was killed by the Irish Republican Army (IRA) and who later joined the Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF).

The education resources (available via the project’s website) provide tools for teachers, youth and community workers, helping them to open up vital discussions with young people.

Extreme Dialogue's education partners, the Tim Parry Johnathan Ball Foundation for Peace, will be running an Extreme Dialogue training session in Hounslow on the 21st October 2016. The sessions will be for teachers and others with an interest in using the Extreme Dialogue films and resources with young people and will include;

  • An introduction to the project and the films and resources;
  • An overview of the educational and pedagogical approach utilised within the resources;
  • Best practices for the delivery of the films and resources;
  • A practical run-through of various exercises and activities;
  • Safeguarding issues and answering difficult questions;
  • Feedback and evaluation.

The sessions will also provide an opportunity to answer questions about the project, films and resources, and participants will also receive additional materials and guidance on how to successfully deliver the Extreme Dialogue resources to young people.