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Identifying children who are missing education

Monday, October 10, 2016 - 10:30
Olive Gardner
For attention of: 
All LBH Schools

In January the Government published a consultation “Identifying children who are missing education”  schools and local authorities were invited to respond.  The consultation was sent out with the aim of improving information in identifying Children Missing Education.

The Secretary of State has accepted the recommendations of the consultation and as such has amended the Education (Pupil Registration) (England) Regulations 2006 (“the Regulations”) to improve communication and coordination between schools (including independent schools and LAs).  Please see attached amended regulations.  I have also included the results of the consultation that has been published on the DFE website see below. The amendments to the regulations effect additions and deletions from your register and as such  School Admissions will be sending out correspondence with regards to how you will be expected to communicate this information.   The new legislation and updated CME procedures will be incorporated into the

Safeguarding Children,  School and Local Authority Off Roll Procedures, which will be forwarded to you as soon as completed.

The response can be viewed at

In conjunction with School Admissions, Children Missing Education and Education Welfare we have planned a meeting to communicate the changes to the legislation for office staff and answer any of your questions on Monday 10 October 2016 at 2pm at Hounslow Professional Development Centre, 78 St John's Road, Isleworth, TW7 6RU. 020 8583 4190. 

If a parent notifies you that their child is leaving the school, it is a DFE requirement under the new legislation that you ask them to provide you with a destination address, the date they are leaving the LA and whom they will be living with (In most cases this will be parents but it could be that the child is going to live with another relative/friend) .  They may have already approached a school ahead of their move in which case it would be helpful for them to provide you with these details too which can be followed up by yourselves and communicated to School Admissions when reporting.  However in many cases parents are not able to provide this information as they are not in a position to apply for a new school until they have moved.  We therefore require you to complete the attached Children Missing Education Information – Off Rolling Form, with their new address, date they are moving and whom they will be living with.  This information should be recorded on the form and sent direct to myself so we are able to refer the child to the new local authority to ensure they apply and start at a new school.  The CME Off Rolling Form has been sent out to schools and will be put on the knowledge hub.

We appreciate that in some cases parents do not provide you with this information and the child simply does not attend or information provided is very sketchy, and despite trying to communicate with parents you are unable to gather the new address required by legislation.  In cases like this where you have been given no information at all as to where the child is and they have simply stopped attending an Early Help Hounslow form should be completed to request an EWO contact visit on the 5 day of absence.  If parents have communicated some information eg. The child has moved to Leeds, school staff should endeavour to obtain more detailed information.  However, if despite this you are unable to obtain this information the CME form should be completed with as much information as possible for the CME officer to investigate further.

Please feel free to contact Sandra Weir, Children Missing Education Officer, on 020 8583 2768 or mobile: 07854 223012