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Local Authority EYFSP Moderation Programme 16/17

Date: 20/07/2016 | From: Christine Hicks | FAO: All Headteachers Primary

Many thanks to those of you who have responded to the email below.

 If anyone else has not yet repli...

Conference Invitation - Education in Hounslow: Towards the School-led System - 22 Sept 2016

Date: 19/07/2016 | From: David Brockie | FAO: All Headteachers Primary; All Headteachers Special

This year’s joint EIP / LA Headteachers’ conference on 22 September will focus on our local response...


Date: 19/07/2016 | From: Ranjit Lall | FAO: All LBH Primary Schools

As we are now coming towards the end of the Summer Term pupils will be transferring from Infant to J...

Vacancy Survey Summer 2016

Date: 18/07/2016 | From: Aleksandra Kovac | FAO: All Headteachers Primary; All Headteachers Secondary; All Headteachers Special

We understand how busy this time of year is but if you could spare a bit of your time to complete ou...

School Meal Pricing & Changes to Invoicing

Date: 18/07/2016 | From: Tim Cay | FAO: All Headteachers Primary

With regards to the meal price increase set for the beginning of Autumn Term, we have agreed with th...

Information about Governors to be recorded on Edubase

Date: 15/07/2016 | From: Karen Harrison | FAO: All LBH Schools; All Governing Bodies

Earlier this term we alerted you to the new requirement for information about governors to be put on...

Assessment update sent to schools and KS1 and KS2 Moderators

Date: 14/07/2016 | From: Manjit Khera | FAO: All LBH Primary Schools

Standards and Testing Agency


Assessment update sent to schools

We will be emailing schools today...

NQT co-ordinator

Date: 14/07/2016 | From: Olive Gardner | FAO: All LBH Schools

On behalf of Akwal Gill

The new arrangements for NQT induction and the statutory responsibility whic...

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This will be the last bulletin of the academi...

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