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How to order 

The main way to order services is directly through this website.

We welcome feedback and queries on any aspect of our services for schools offer.  Please email .

Existing Customers The Head teacher and/or Business Manager/Bursar at every school that has previously purchased services from the London Borough of Hounslow will be given a login and password for ordering services. You will need to login when you wish to order services. 

Termination reminder of current subscription (buyback) Service Level Agreements (SLAs)- these agreements run on a financial year cycle.  Schools should confirm with heads of service if they wish to alter the levels of service taken, or cease an agreement with six months notice. This will still be the case going forward and for services being purchased through the new website, schools should continue to advise heads of service in the event of any changes in requirement.

New customers Anybody can browse this website but you can only place an order if you have registered and logged in.  If you need further support please email 

Selecting services to order

The home page will allow you to choose the your type of organisation, then after clicking on one of these you will be presented with categories including a menu of services. 

If you click on an individual service, the range of offers within that service will be displayed with prices where applicable. By clicking on an individual offer with a price you will be provided with the option to add the service offer to your shopping basket to order (if you have logged in). 

Services for purchase

We will currently offer you three packages –Subscription, Pay as You Go (PAYG) and Core.

Subscription services, previously known as buy-back, are a package of essential services paid for annually by schools to cover areas such as Schools Financial Support, Healthy Schools and advice, educational psychology and other priorities. Subscription prices vary according to the service provided and are based on price per pupil.

PAYG services are a raft of useful services from across the Council that are charged for discretely. This broad range includes both curricular and extra curricular activities.  PAYG services are flexible and can be purchased anytime in year, subject to availability. 

Core services are provided at no cost to schools and settings. These are paid for through a combination of grant, core and DSG funding. Examples include statutory school improvement and Hounslow Traveller Education Service.


At check-out, you may then order further services by clicking “continue shopping”. On completion of your order you may review it, then when satisfied submit your order.

Payment methods

For maintained schools payment will be made by internal transfer (journal), for non-maintained schools an invoice will be sent, unless otherwise stated.

Manual ordering

For those customers who do not wish to use the website for ordering, we do offer a manual order process. If you need further support please email

You will receive an acknowledgement of your order. These orders will be passed to relevant services in LBH and you will receive confirmation as soon as possible by email that the individual orders can be fulfilled.