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Equality Training Service

Delivered by a high profile equalities professional who is highly experienced in Equalities Legislation,  this course is essential awareness raising for schools and will support schools  meet your legal obligations towards prospective pupils; current pupils at the schools; as an employer and  as a Governing body.

Our bespoke training and consultancy services will offer best practice guidance; update you about equality case laws affecting schools; offer you technical guidance relating to schools and look at practical ways to embed equality practice in your school.

In addition to the key provisions of the Equality Law, the public sector equality duty, the equalities objectives and the information duty you will gain an awareness of new equalities concepts:

  • Discrimination based on association
  • Discrimination based on perception
  • Discrimination based on pregnancy and maternity
  • Discrimination arising from disability
  • Reasonable adjustments duty for disabled pupils, parents ,staff and governing bodies

The course will also explore lessons from case laws on religion, ethnicity and disability. Participants have the use of specially prepared Case Notes covering the most important recent precedents. You will also enjoy some   entertaining group exercises in which you can apply your understanding of equalities legislation to case challenges made against schools .

We also offer guidance  and offer invaluable resources to support you to develop up to date  policies e.g.

  • Equal Opportunity Policy for  your School
  • Harassment Policy for your school
  • Prepare you for Inspections


We provide training in:-

1. Equalities, including the Equality Act 2010

This equalities training provides employers and employees with the information they need to understand the best practice and responsibilities associated with equalities in the workplace. The course explains the government’s Equality Act, raises awareness of how it can be applied and details some of the potential barriers that may need removing to improve equality in the workplace.

Outcome: Participants will be equipped to provide best practice, meet legal obligations, and be aware of case law. It also offers technical guidance for audits and inspections.

2. Human Rights, including the Human Rights Act 1998

This Human Rights training provides an introduction to the Human Rights Act 1998. The course can be tailored to meet the need of the employers and employees in both the private and public sectors. This awareness raising course will allow you to adapt your services to be compliant with the act and protect your organisation from litigation.

Outcome: Participants will acquire an understanding of the Human Rights Act, its application in your field, including using case law to equip you to ensure best practice and meet legal obligations

3. Diversity, Culture and identity Awareness Training

This cross diversity, culture and identity awareness training will provide an understanding of the diversity of cultures and individual identity that can be encountered in everyday life in Hounslow and London. It will give you the ability to deliver and shape public and private services effectively in a multi-cultural environment in compliance with legislation and good practice. This training includes definition and elements of, intelligence, intercultural values of different cultures, how to communicate with people of different cultures, promotion of developing cultural awareness and diversity.

Outcome: Participants will be equipped to better respond to individual and group needs, understanding the need to adapt services to changing demographics.

4. Hate Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour

This Hate Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour training will raise awareness of hate crime and anti-social behaviour. The interactive one day training course focuses on definitions, impact on victims, legislation, multi-agency working and anti-social behaviour tool kit.

Outcome: Participants will be equipped to better respond to victims of Hate Crime and Anti-Social Behaviour and improve the case management processes.  

5. Domestic Violence

This training provides comprehensive Domestic Violence awareness and understanding including victim support, impact on children, work with the perpetrators and agency actions. This interactive one day course is highly participative, making use of a range of methods to provide a useful foundation to enable participants to better respond to Domestic Violence.

Outcome: Participants will be equipped to better respond to victims of Domestic Violence and improve the case management processes. In addition to this, services designers will be able to effect improvements to service delivery mechanisms.

6. Forced Marriage

This course involves skill development on practice based issues such as safeguarding children and young people, safety planning and risk assessment, as well as providing an overview of the relevant legislation, policies and procedures for staff coming into contact with people fleeing forced marriage.

Outcome: Participants will be equipped to better support and respond to cases of forced marriage, including identification, support and agency action.

7. Equality Analysis

The equality analysis training provides staff with effective way of improving services and meeting the legislative requirement as laid out in the Equality Act 2010.  The focus is on theory, practice and screening, allowing staff to use judgement to decide if a policy, practice or decision is of sufficient relevance and scale as to warrant a full equality analysis.

Outcome: Attendees will leave this session knowing why, when and how to do equality analyses.

These courses are delivered by high quality field professionals. The courses are essential awareness raising for schools and will support schools meet their legal obligations towards prospective pupils; current pupils at the schools; as an employer and as a Governing body.

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