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Corporate Health and Safety

Corporate Health and Safety

A comprehensive and professional Health and Safety advisory service, providing sensible, reliable and pragmatic advice on such topics as risk assessment, Asbestos, Legionella, fire safety or just general occupational health and safety queries whenever you require it. 

The Local Authority’s Corporate Health and Safety Service satisfies the statutory requirement for schools to have access to competent health and safety advice and is a statutory service for Hounslow’s community schools.

The health and safety advisers at the council are all experienced and proven professionals who are able to provide expert advice. The team works in collaboration with HR and other services in the council to help you manage health and safety at your school and minimise any potential disruption to your school and the education of your pupils.

Summary of service for this contract

  • Full health and safety advisory service, via telephone, e-mail and site visits
  • Access to the Hounslow health and safety management system including policies, procedures, guidance and tools to help you sensibly manage health and safety
  • Provision of the online incident reporting tool and access to associated functions such as archived accidents, report generation and accident trend analysis
  • Monitoring of online incident reports, advice on remedial measures and reporting of incidents under RIDDOR
  • Serious incident investigation support
  • School trip management system and Monitoring of school trips. Provision of an online educational visits management tool to help you plan and manage all your school trips
  • Consultation on DSE (Display Screen Equipment) assessments and remedial measures for staff with complex conditions
  • Provision of CLEAPSS Membership for access to extensive resources and advice on safety and good practice in the Science, Design and Technology and Art and Design curriculums
  • Provision of Radiation Protection Officer (RPO) services and Radiation Protection Adviser (RPA) cover through CLEAPSS to secondary schools with radioactive sources
  • Facilitate the school Health and Safety Network Meetings, providing updates on new legislation and sharing good practice
  • Provision of a termly Health and Safety Bulletin
  • Administer and monitor an annual health and safety performance review system to be carried out as a self-assessment by school governors and senior managers
  • Comprehensive health and safety audit of your school in line with a 3 year rolling programme
  • Access to in-house health and safety training courses and e-learning



Signing up to the Corporate Health and Safety service gives you access to qualified and professional health and safety advisors who are experienced in working with schools in the borough and within the education sector.

The service will assist you through:

  • Reducing disruption to the school caused by health and safety incidents and thereby increasing productivity and reducing sick pay and cover cost.
  • Greater motivation and engagement of staff as they feel more valued.
  • More effective risk management to prevent harm or damage being caused or civil claims and prosecutions being brought.
  • Reassurance that you are managing your legal requirements in relation to occupational health and safety and fulfilling your responsibilities by having access to competent advice.
  • A lower cost than private sector firms

Our aim is to support you in delivering the very best educational experience for every child.

Working in partnership with you, we will continue to develop a high quality professional service, which provides real value for money for your School.

There are many benefits to buying your services from a local authority. Unlike commercial providers, a local authority shares the same objectives that underpin the work of schools and in respect of its community schools, shares the accountability for the outcomes.

In Occupational Health and Safety we are committed to supporting schools to make the best possible use of their resources in order to raise safety standards for staff and pupils. We have a dedicated team of professionals, experienced with the work of schools and the community in which they operate.
We are always looking to develop our service and your needs are always taken on board in conjunction with legal requirements and national standards to ensure continual improvement.


Price for period 1 April 2017 – 31 March 2018 is £2.00 per pupil for Corporate Health and Safety services as listed in this SLA.

(An additional charge of £40.00 is also added per secondary school with radioactive sources, to enable the statutory engagement of a Radiation Protection Adviser (RPA) via CLEAPSS).





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For further information, contact:

Adam Stonely, Health & Safety Adviser (Schools) 

T: 020 8583 2610 E:


Melanie Fontinelle, Head of Occupational Health and Safety

T: 020 8583 2164, E: