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Corporate Property

Corporate Property – Call in the Professionals!

Corporate Property (formerly Property Development) supports schools with raising educational standards through strategic development of their property portfolio. We can offer practical advice on the commissioning of all types of building projects and undertake both client and delivery project management for schools capital projects.

Our experienced team manages and maintains an up-to-date school Asset Management Plan (AMP) containing premises information on school condition, suitability, sufficiency and CAD/floor plans. Corporate Property uses the asset management database Tf Cloud to manage this data and ensure that capital funding for LA maintained schools targets priority projects.  Programmes are then validated by the Asset Management Plan Advisory Group (AMPAG) which meets termly.

Benefits to you

The following outcomes can be expected from commissioning Corporate Property services: 

  • Immediate access to your school premises data via Tf Cloud along with the ability to upload relevant documents
  • Experienced commissioners with a clear understanding of your needs
  • A professional delivery team who will provide best value
  • Premises projects being commissioned and project management by Corporate Property will comply with all relevant regulations and procedures, including:
    • Appointing appropriately qualified and insured professional advisors
    • Ensure compliance with CDM 2007 Regulations client responsibilities
    • Making all payments including contract payments, and ensuring that appropriate cost control and monitoring takes place
    • Full compliance with council procedures and standing orders with respect to tendering and letting of contracts
  • Tf Cloud enables your school to upload and manage all your premises data from a website that can be easily accessed from any web enabled device   
  • Allocate capital funding via AMPAG in accordance with the DfE approved AMP
  • Professional consultants to undertake various premises related projects whether capital or school funded.
  • Provide schools with support and advise on premises matters such as DfE requirements, statutory premises legislation, commissioning advice when schools manage their own projects
  • Provide support and back up service in the event of premises related emergencies

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For further information, contact:

Corporate Property 020 8583 2547