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Children's Public Health, CAS

The Children’s and Young People’s Public Health service works with partner organisations to tackle health and wellbeing priorities in Hounslow

We work towards supporting our children and young people in developing their knowledge, skills, aspirations and confidence to make informed choices about their health and wellbeing.

  • Support schools and other settings to fulfil their statutory responsibilities for health and wellbeing
  • Staff are trained and experienced in school and other settings to deliver health and wellbeing services to a diverse range of children and young people, with proven interventions
  • Service delivery by professionals with an understanding of the local context and needs plus evidence of existing high quality service provision
  • Supports Hounslow’s Enhanced Healthy Schools programme
  • Individual strands of work can be linked to other services on offer to provide a holistic approach

In addition to commissioning and brokering tailored to your needs, this service

  • aims to improve targeted interventions to vulnerable children and young people
  • supports improved delivery of drugs and SRE education across all settings
  • supports healthy lifestyles and living at work, school and in the community 


Information and support for young people involved in problematic substance misuse and those affected by a family member’s substance misuse. Offers one-to-one and group work sessions.


Sexual health services for young people across Hounslow.

Life Choice Programme

For high risk young people, this 12 week course allows young women to experience the difficulties and challenges of being teenage mothers, first hand.

Young Mums to Be and Parents with Prospects Programme

The YMTB and Parents with Prospects programmes are multi-agency, holistic training courses for mums and dads-to-be. The programme informs and supports a healthy pregnancy, addressing issues around smoking, alcohol, diet, breastfeeding, postnatal depression and much more. The programme has an established reputation of changing the lives of young parents and their children for over 10 years.


Speakeasy offers a non-threatening group-based opportunity for parents and carers to acquire the confidence and skills they need to talk to their children about sex and sexuality.

Healthy Weight

Across Hounslow, there is a wide range of activities and services available that promote healthy lifestyle and living.

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For further information, contact:

C&A Public Health Lead and Head of Locality, Central 020 8583 6600

020 8583 6441 or 6444 or 6446

020 8630 3711 or 020 8321 5718 Adviser 020 8630 3711