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School Emergency Planning

Emergencies affecting your school can and will happen, do you know what to do?

School emergency plans are a vital tool for any school to ensure that there is a plan for how to manage when an emergency occurs. Do all your teachers know what to do? How can you ensure all children are safe? How do we get back to “business as usual”?

The London Borough of Hounslow Contingency Planning Unit provides the council’s corporate emergency & business continuity planning & response.

With extensive knowledge of planning and responding to incidents, we are offering School Emergency Plan writing training, School Emergency Response Training and School Emergency Exercises.

The following outcomes can be expected from the unit’s options:

  • ensure appropriate people are trained to write school emergency plans
  • ensure that School Management Teams are trained in how to respond to an incident affecting the school
  • local knowledge of hazards and vulnerabilities
  • opportunities to exercise plans and people to test if the plan works
  • The contingency planning unit has extensive experience at managing major incidents, including school emergencies
  • Courses will be delivered by Institute of Learning and Management accredited trainers

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For further information, contact:

Contingency Planning Unit 020 8583 5111