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SEN Specialist Support (SENSS)

Providing professional reassurance and expert advice that you can trust

Get expert advice and specialist support from our team of advisory teachers and SEN specialist practitioners. We work with children with visual and/or hearing impairment, physical disabilities and complex medical needs.

Our aim is to reduce the barriers that prevent children with disabilities from reaching their potential. We will work with you to make sure that children from diagnosis to age 19 are fully included in school and family life and enjoy an active social life. We provide direct teaching, staff training, specialist equipment and model and share good practice.

  • We are all highly qualified professionals in our fields and undergo a rigorous programme of continuing professional development
  • Where difficulties are complex, our combined skills offer an effective approach and solution
  • Our strong links with health professionals ensures joined up working
  • We offer a flexible delivery model so that support can be tailored and delivered on an individual, group or organisational level
  • SEN Specialist Support has close links with Hounslow NHS Health Provider arm
  • Links with a large number of voluntary agencies involved with children and young people with disabilities

We offer a cost-effective solution to meet the very specialist needs of children with sensory and/or physical disabilities.

In addition to our centrally-funded statutory services, we can tailor support for your pupils to enable them to maximise their potential.

  • We assess, supply, maintain and monitor specialist equipment that can assist your pupils to achieve their potential and be fully included in all aspects of the life of your school
  • The advisory teachers provide advice and support to parents, schools and the children themselves, and provide a link between education services and those of health, social care, the voluntary sector, etc
  • The advisory teachers also guide and monitor the work of the SEN specialist practitioners who provide on-going intensive support to those children who need more specialist interventions than schools may have the expertise to provide
  • For some children, the teachers can provide time-limited, specific interventions


Advisory teachers are funded from DSG for statutory duties and no charges are payable for these.

Please contact your attached advisory teacher or Alika Gupta before purchasing, to ensure that we will be able to provide the type and level of service that you would like.

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