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Statutory NQT Induction:The Appropriate Body Role

  • The LA is one of the organisations which can offer the statutory NQT Appropriate Body role to a range of institutions, including maintained schools, academies, free schools, other independent schools.
  • The Appropriate Body has the main quality assurance role in the NQT induction process and is also the body which decides whether an NQT has met the Standards to pass the induction period.
  • An NQT cannot start their induction until an agreement has been reached with an Appropriate Body.


  • Support from an experienced NQT Coordinator to ensure your institution fulfils its statutory responsibilities to NQTs
  • Challenge where an institution is not fulfilling its responsibilities
  • Professional support for those undertaking the induction tutor role
  • NQT Manager, an on-line web based programme to assist you in the administration of statutory NQT paperwork (the termly assessment forms) and checking the induction status of newly appointed teachers


  • Quality Assurance visits to schools supporting high numbers of NQTs (3 or more special, 5 or more primary, 12 or more secondary).
  • Monitoring and feedback of each NQT’s monitoring, support and assessment programme, where the induction tutor is new to the role or the school is working with the Appropriate Body for the first time.
  • Registration of the NQT’s induction with the NCTL.
  • Telephone and email guidance for induction tutors.
  • Preparation for those undertaking the induction tutor role (PAYG)
  • Appropriate Body NQT induction documentation to support schools in their work with NQTs.
  • Additional services, as appropriate, when an NQT’s practice is causing concern.
  • Named contact within the Appropriate Body for an NQT to raise concerns re induction.
  • Decision making body in respect of whether or not the NQT has passed the induction period.
  • NQT Manager, a secure online web based system to register NQTs and for the completion and submission of termly assessment forms


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For further information, contact:

Jatinder Virk 020 8583 2743
Interim Primary Adviser/ NQT Coordinator