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Targeted Mental Health in Schools (TaMHS)

Excellent evidence-based interventions that offer practical and achievable outcomes

TaMHS is a clinical psychology led service that aims to promote positive mental health in schools by using evidence-based psychological interventions and carefully measuring outcomes. It builds on the success of the government funded TaMHS project to ensure that lessons learned from the sciences of wellbeing and mental health are sustainably embedded in our schools.

  • A highly expert psychological service with professional accountability to West London Mental Health Trust and high levels of supervision and professional development
  • Evidence based interventions with rigorous outcome measurement.
  • Building resilience skills promotes lasting wellbeing (for children and school staff) and reduces the risk of mental health problems
  • For children who do experience mental health difficulties, we offer early intervention
  • Working in close partnership with specialist CAMHS, professionals within EIS, and schools/academies to promote seamless, accessible and individualised services for children
  • Flexible innovation to do more of what works well and change what doesn’t work so well


TaMHS offers:

  • Friends for Life: A 10-session Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) based emotional resilience programme for children and young people identified as experiencing anxiety difficulties and / or low self esteem. Recommended by the World Health Organisation as “the world’s leading programme for the treatment and prevention of anxiety within schools”. We offer a full range of support services to help schools set up, run and evaluate Friends for Life groups for children and young people in KS 1,2 and 3.  We are currently introducing the early years Fun Friends programme as a universal intervention for whole reception classes/year groups.  
  • Friends for Life Full Support Package (incl. group facilitator and the quality assurance package.)

  • Everybody’s Business: Mental health awareness training for school staff that is informed by the empirical study of positive psychology and focuses on the teachable skills of resilience. Learn how to teach children to enjoy more positive emotion, engagement in work and leisure, rewarding relationships, meaning, and achievement in their lives.

  • Deliberate Self Harm Training: Specialist training for pastoral staff in supporting young people with self-injurious behaviours (prevalence, phenomenology, promoting adaptive coping, risk assessment & referral).


  • Regular consultation (e.g. group consultation to mentoring staff) or ad hoc consultation (e.g., around promoting staff wellbeing) can be designed to meet  the individual needs of schools.

Direct clinical support

  • Schools can commission a direct clinical service (e.g., a day a week of Clinical Psychology time).

Helping pupils cope with exam- stress  

Most pupils find exams stressful but for some exam-related anxiety causes significant distress and gets in the way of revision and performance.

In a full day of training, we use a cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) model to explore:

  • Why some pupils struggle with exam stress
  • Links between exam stress and performance
  • Practical evidence-based advice on how to help pupils manage their stress and improve performance 

Bespoke packages available on request.



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