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Translation & Interpretation Service

Serving the community

We are a safe pair of hands with 15 years experience of providing translation and interpreting services across west London in over 200 different languages. We work with translators and interpreters who are industry experts, who not only understand language and culture, but have the technical background and experience of working in various public sector settings.

Our services guarantee you:

  • Confidentiality: Complete privacy and confidentiality of your business
  • Quality: Accredited translators and interpreters that meet the council’s rigorous high standard accreditation criteria
  • Customer care: Experienced business officers focused on co-ordinating your bookings and understanding of your needs
  • Accessibility: Responsive services and an accessible registration and e-booking form system
  • Reliability: A consistent, accurate and on time service
  • Value for money: Cost effective and competitive rates
  • Translation
  • Interpretation (face to face and telephone)
  • British Sign Language
  • Braille
  • Other services such as audio into text (transcription), text into audio (CD or cassette recording)

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Our offices are open from Monday to Friday 8:30 am to 5:30 pm

020 8583 2299