Corporate Property

Corporate Property provides a comprehensive property and project management service for the Council across its corporate property portfolio including local authority maintained schools. It is responsible for the strategic management of the corporate property portfolio including the management of all leased out property. By acting as the Corporate Landlord, the Council ensures that all property is corporately managed and in accordance with the Corporate Property Strategy 2014-2019 to ensure they meet the following objectives.

  • To plan and manage property as a key corporate asset for the benefit of the people of Hounslow
  • To provide the right property, fit for purpose, in the right place, to meet current service needs and ensure flexibility for the future
  • To manage property effectively and secure efficiencies by challenging occupation and utilisation
  • To ensure that property is as sustainable as possible in design, construction, operation and maintenance
  • To use land and buildings to facilitate development, growth and regeneration in the Borough
  • To promote community focused service delivery including working in partnership with others

It also provides a multi- disciplinary design and project management service providing professional support services using the in-house team and contracted support consultants for managing and delivering construction related projects across the corporate property portfolio including schools. Projects range from minor maintenance, refurbishments and extensions to new builds and major redevelopments as well as specialist projects such as development of playgrounds.

This service also provides a range of professional services such as feasibility studies, building surveys, procurement and contract advice, CAD/ mapping and premises management advice, with support from external professional firms as and when appropriate.

Corporate Property specifically supports Schools with raising educational standards through the strategic improvement of the property portfolio.