Education Management Information Service

This service provides dedicated help and advice to all Hounslow schools on the collection and analysis of census and attainment data. With an in-depth knowledge of borough schools, the local community and the wider issues affecting children and young people, this service also provides detailed analysis of pupil demographics, their achievement and progress. The aim of this service is to support current initiatives in continuous school improvement by providing schools with timely and accurate data, which will enable professionals to make appropriate and effective decisions, in order to improve outcomes for all pupils.

This service will:

  • Ensure the accuracy of the data that determines your school’s funding.
  • Provide additional checks regarding the contextual and attainment data that informs your school’s position within DfE School Performance Tables.
  • Present concise reports that summarise pupil context, attainment and progress, currently and in recent years, for senior leaders, governors and inspectors.
  • Assist colleagues in diagnosing specific areas for development within your school.
  • Fully support the Ofsted agenda with regards to the increased requirement for the monitoring of the attainment gap between disadvantaged pupils and all other pupils, within the school and nationally as well as evidencing school self-evaluation.
  • Offer friendly, specialist advice that will help you identify and satisfy your school’s individual data needs and resolve any queries that may arise.